Republic Day of India

26th January 1950 as the sun raised from the shadow of the clouds, India saw a new beam of light on this particular day!

Despite, the fact India received it's Independence from the British rule in the year 1947, the Constitution of India wasn't form. And this particular day, went on the beautiful books of the history as it was this day - 26th January, 1950 - that was honored as the day that brought the Constitution of India into force.

Earlier the country was under the Government of India Act (1935). Now, through the formation of the Constitution of India - it lays down a framework of structures, procedures, powers, duties of government institutions and also sets out  fundamental rights, directive principles and duties of the citizens. The Constitution several laws such as freedom of speech, expression and several other laws came into effect. Thus, making our Republic Day - a day that holds a great significance in the life of every Indian.

I still remember that way back during my school days, this was one of the most awaited days - not because we had a holiday (this is one of the three national holidays in India - other being the Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanthi.) but because of the wonderful cultural programme that we had post the flag hoisting. Programmes like these helped us in growing more and more patriotic towards our country.

Here's wishing every Indian across the globe, a very happy republic day! Let's all promise to unite and help one and another to make India a better place to live in.


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